I’ve always had a passion for the stage, and even beyond MCing and public speaking, I love to put on a good show. My skillset includes:

  • Juggling
  • Firetwirling (both fire staff and poi)
  • Unicycling
  • Magic
  • Singing (jazz, barbershop and general quartet)
  • Musical theatre
  • Swing dancing
  • A variety of musical instruments, including piano, guitar, and didgeridoo)
  • A variety of tasty and visual cooking, baking and really good cocktails

For example, in 2014 I paid homage to one of my favourite routines, “Make ’em Laugh”. I like to think that, with my fantastic co-stars, I added my own special touch, while still staying true to Donald O’Connor’s great original:

I’m also an enthusiast swing dancer. Here’s a few of us dancing under “combat conditions”! (That is, small space, sticky floor, fast band, and not enough follows!)

But perhaps my greatest claim to fame is that I once gave The Chaser guys a sample of their very own “If life were a musical” treatment. (Best of all, years later I met Chris at a function, and he remembered me from YouTube. Life is grand!)